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Every life has its ups and downs. Why do some people appear to “bounce back” when others get stuck in pain or struggle? This retreat will offer participants an opportunity to explore “resilience” as both a human ability and a spiritual gift. Developing resilience is a personal journey that one does not need to take alone. It flourishes when ordinary people who live with real experiences of pain and struggle come together in optimism, support, and self-care. Making connections between inner resources of the human spirit and outer expressions of resilience can strengthen one’s courage for continuing life’s journey.

Commute: $100.00
Single:       $155.00
Suite:         $180.00

Margaret Clark has served others through adult education, spiritual direction, professional chaplaincy, and faith community ministry. She is committed to reflective living, hospitable solitude, and promoting health in times of transition. Through her degrees in sociology and theology, as well as her varied life experiences, she is rooted in spiritual beliefs that are open to all faith traditions.

Joanne Olson has dedicated her career to promoting the health, well-being, and learning of others in her roles as a university professor, community health nurse, and faith community nurse. She is committed to promoting self-care as a way to effectively care for others and rebound ourselves in times of challenge