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Upcoming Programs:

 Ongoing programs include weekly Centering Prayer Support Group, twice monthly Contemplative Prayer Group, monthly book club, and morning and evening yoga classes. 


4      Yoga with Julie (evenings) new series begins                

5      Holy Yoga (afternoons) new series begins                                                                      

6-7   HEALING THE HEALERS Workshop 1

9      Yoga with Julie (mornings) new series begins

17    Time-Out Tuesday

23      Spiritual Book Club continues 



8          Praying with Mystics: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

11-12   Mother/Daughter Relationships: Gifts and Graces as We Mature

 22       Time-Out Tuesday

28        Spiritual Book Club continues

 For more information check our program guide through the link below or see our events calendar

"Be Still and Know that I am God"  (psalm 46:10)

We live in a busy world where it is very hard to be still. We can be pulled in various directions; kept busy by the many demands of our lives. After a while we begin to yearn for a break from all the activity and noise. We sense something is missing in our lives and our spirits call us to find a place where we can renew and refresh our tired bodies and our lagging spirits. We yearn for a sacred space where we can be still and hear the quiet voice of God that is always there but often drowned out by noise around us and inside us. We invite you to enter the sacred space at Providence Renewal Centre. Our program team plans programs and retreats that will provide you with the opportunity to open the doors of your heart to an encounter with the Divine. Our diverse programs and retreats allow for the many ways God can speak to us. Come to one of our day-long, weekend, or week-long retreats and “you will find rest for your souls.” (Matt 11:29) We are waiting to welcome you!

Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.

Matt. 11:28

I attended the retreat “Seeking Spirituality: A Holistic Way to Heal” at Providence Renewal Centre in October 2014. It was a retreat made to order with a road map, a few travel tips, and even a bit of gas for the journey. Thank-you so much. I would certainly recommend this retreat to others. --Lucie T

For more information check our program guide through the link below or see our events calendar.

September 1, 2017 to February 28, 2018 Program Guide - pdf

March 1, 2018 to August 31, 2018 Program Guide - pdf

To Register

If you ever have any questions about our retreats and programs, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our Program Director, Debbie Doornbos, is happy to answer all of your inquiries. You can contact her at (780) 701-1853 or by email.

To register, simply click on the "Register" button in each program window, call (780) 701-1854, or email.

For more information and to register see our program guide, website event calendar, or call 780-701-1854.

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